What are Retail and Testers in perfume

What are Retail and Testers in perfume

In this blog we will discuss the widely used term Testers and Retail (BNIB) in perfumery:


What is Retail ( BNIB) in Perfumes?
Retail pack or BNIB (Brand new in box) is the complete packaged perfume.
You will get the sealed bottle in a attractive box packaging with cellopane wrapped retail perfume bottles are always sealed pack.

What is Tester in Perfumes?
Perfume testers are genuine, authentic and are exactly same as retail, only without the attractive retail packaging, usually in white or brown simple box or even without box,Testers may come with or without a cap and,as originally produced by their manufacturer.All perfume and cologne testers are brand new and unused.

What are difference between Retail and Tester Perfumes?
The major difference between Tester and Retail perfume is their price and packaging
Cost of the Tester perfume is usually low because of inexpensive packaging on other hand Retail perfumes comes with attractive packing.

What are similarities between Retail and Tester Perfumes?
Manufacturer of the perfume and tester is same.
Perfume quality of testers and perfume is exactly same in terms of its chemical composition, concentration of oil, everything is same.
Durability or shelf life are also equally same. At the same time, we don't see retailers displaying several tester bottles. Presumptions are unfounded for longer show time for perfume testers

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